Just like the Terraform that preceded it, the Metaverse is a high level, include stuffed plan that permits you to explore the defer world without vast menus on a small presentation. The Metaverse offers a little impression step box that is completely programmable, preset proficient, genuine sound system, full MIDI control, and has an articulation input that you can dole out to any of the parameters.

Eleven Onboard Delay Algorithms

1. ANLG – Analog Style Delay

This Program was propelled by Brian’s affection for the Boss DM-2 simple postponement. He offers appreciation to qualities of its warm and responsive tone and gives it that Wampler contact. This program gives you that sort of dull, smooth, simple defer that would have been seen as during the 1980’s.

2. WET – Modulated Analog Delay

Sometimes a reverberation adds somewhat more chewiness and unpretentious tape-like adjustment and raises a ruckus around town spot. That is something that Brian adores about the Aqua Puss simple deferral. Thus, we made those qualities in this calculation as a respect to the popular deferral. Assuming that you love one of a kind store simple postponements, you’ll cherish this setting which can nearly twist reality with its fluid repeats.

3. BBD – Bucket Brigade Delay

Brian was continuously taking out an old Memory Man Delay to motivate performative, improvisational defer articulations. He needed to make a program that would reproduce that inclination, apparently. Drawing motivation from one of the hottest sounding postpone pedals ever, this calculation will return you to the last part of the 1970s when the visionaries of the pedal business initially acquainted a genuine option with tape-based reverberation because of an unassuming little circuit – the Bucket Brigade Delay.

4. Fly – Analog Flanger Delay

This is where the group had a good time. This Program joins the smooth ANLG Program with the obvious whooshing sound of a wonderful added substance flanger effect.

5. DOC – Wampler ‘The Doctor’

The next recovery of the Doctor is certainly a welcome one and has been completely demonstrated in this program. Experience the warm regulated defer tone and trail debasement from one of Brian Wampler’s most trial delay pedals.

6. FTE – Wampler ‘Faux Tape Echo’

This is one of our most well known defer pedals and for good explanation. A ton of tape copying delays just add melody to a current computerized postpone circuit. Brian was not happy with this methodology. Thus, he reconsidered and yet again designed it. The outcome was a postpone pedal that responded and seemed like a genuine tape delay unit.

7. ETH – Wampler ‘Ethereal’ Delay

The Ethereal is Wampler’s well known ‘all-in-one’ advanced delay and reverb pedal. This program reproduces the overlaying twin postpones present in this pedal. This isn’t completely a ‘dual delay’ calculation. There is likewise an optional defer layer that adds another beating aspect to the sound.

8. MOD – Digital Flanger Delay

Like the JET defer program, this program blends a beautiful flanger tweak in with our fresh/clean DIGI calculation to add an additional blend of great postponement and modulation.

9. SPC – Space Echo Delay

This tape reverberation calculation is a recognition for the exemplary Maestro Echoplex delay with Brian’s exceptional take. This deferral is renowned for its self-wavering capacities and this program makes that a stride further.

10. TAPE – Multi-Head Tape Delay

Inspired by reverberation tones on exemplary records using the rare Binson Echorec tape delay, this program copies one of the main defer sounds in awesome music history. With Wampler’s own sifting, immersion, and balance this calculation gets extraordinarily near the sound delivered by the exemplary mechanical unit.

11. DIGI – Digital Delay

Based on Brian’s apparent translation of what was viewed as the ‘Industry Standard’ advanced delay, TC Electronics 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, this program is really perfect for exact and current postpone tones that are both studio and stage worthy.

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