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MWC 2022: To the metaverse – and past

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Mwc 2022: To The Metaverse – And Beyond

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Every year the MWC swarms fixate on ‘another new thing’. In the past they focused on brilliant watches, VR and driverless vehicles. What might it be in 2022? There was only one candidate.

The Metaverse.

It was marvelous to see such countless individuals back in Barcelona. Any uncertainty that individuals would lose their hunger for business travel and in-person organizing was dispatched. There were 60,000 visitors across a great week at the Fira.

So it was a little unexpected that the large subject of the show was the Metaverse – an idea that replaces individuals in reality with symbols in the virtual one.

Still, Metaverse was everywhere. 

There were various meeting meetings about it. The show floor likewise highlighted the idea – particularly the Microsoft and Accenture stands. Telefonica even facilitated a “stand in the metaverse” to allow far off participants essentially to visit the four actual regions on the display floors. 

Of course, it

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