The Sandbox announced a new partnership on July 27 with global gaming company Gravity, pointed toward presenting to Ragnarok, a greatly multiplayer online pretending game made by Gravity, into the metaverse.

Through this organization, Ragnarok LAND will be underlying The Sandbox metaverse, as well as different substance and NFTs utilizing Ragnarok IP. Besides, the clients can partake later on Game Predicament themed on the Ragnarok universe and its characters.

Gravity is a universally realized web based game organization established in April 2000, during the earliest stages of the South Korean gaming industry. On 8 February 2005, Gravity finished its IPO and exchanged $108 million on Nasdaq under the ticker image GRVY, making it the main Korean game organization to be recorded on the Nasdaq.

Gravity has created Ragnarok Online, which has been overhauled in homegrown and overall business sectors, securing a large number of players. Beginning with Ragnarok Online in 2002, Ragnarok is the primary IP of Gravity that has been effectively adjusted by both PC and mobile.

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This worldwide IP has numerous series like Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Ragnarok Origin, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, Ragnarok V: Returns, and Ragnarok Begins. In view of the overall fame of Ragnarok, Gravity is additionally effectively completing permit organizations, broadcasting Ragnarok movements, and running the web-based store where players can see Ragnarok Monsters merchandise.

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