If you’ve seen some Coromon NFTs being publicized via web-based entertainment over the most recent couple of days, you could imagine that distributer Freedom Games has joined the NFT grift. This isn’t true, in any case; it’s all essential for one more fradulent cryptographic money trick, and Freedom is disturbed about it.

What’s happening with these phony Coromon NFTs?

Developers and distributers may be finding ways to circumvent Steam’s strict no-crypto rule, however Coromon distributer Freedom Games isn’t one of them. Recently, via web-based entertainment, digital money tricksters acting like a Coromon account offered individuals the opportunity to enter NFT giveaways and talked up blockchain gaming, driving some to puzzle over whether Coromon had bounced the NFT shark. This isn’t true, however; Freedom Games has put paid to those ideas, calling them “patently false” and emphasizing that Coromon has “absolutely no NFT or blockchain integration” in a press release.

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