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From box office to NFTs: Salman Khan’s 9 income sources driving his Rs 220 crore earnings – Lifestyle News

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At the age of 57, Salman Khan continues to exert his dominance over the box office with the release of his latest film, Tiger 3. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 marks the third installment in the popular Tiger franchise and the fifth entry in the YRF Spy Universe. Given the film’s early success, there are indications that Tiger 3 might soon join the ranks of other blockbuster releases like Pathaan, Gadar 2, Jawan, and more, all of which have been ringing the cash registers throughout the year.

Beyond his on-screen prowess, Salman Khan has embraced various roles in the business world and real estate. Diversifying his financial portfolio, the actor has invested in numerous sectors, including running a thriving production house, owning a clothing line, backing multiple startups, and more, contributing to an annual income that surpasses Rs 200 crores. Continue reading to explore the diverse sources that contribute to the Tiger 3 star’s wealth.

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