Vilinius, Lithuania, Aug. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – The occasion will allow an opportunity to make an early, bold move with this energizing new blockchain idea, giving admittance to the beginning mint of both Land and Lord NFT at a limited mint cost. This select open door will be accessible on the Lords of the Lands site.

LOL Metaverse is based on solidarity and controlled by Ethereum blockchain, it will be accessible on Web, IOS, Android, and VR Apps. The vision of the undertaking is to give a boosting yet engaging metaverse experience by bringing all types of Metaverse Utility into one spot for LOL holders and the community.

The “Landlord” is the most noteworthy title in the LOL metaverse, to turn into a property manager you really want to have something like 1 Land NFT and 1 Lord NFT in a similar wallet.

The fundamental Perk of turning into a Landlord is that it will produce month to month rentals in Ethereum for them.

25% of LOL maker eminence will be imparted to the LOL property managers. The lease will be determined by the uncommonness of the Land NFT and the quantity of days NFT holders will hold both the Land NFT and the Lord NFT in their equivalent wallet.

LOL will likewise be sorting out e-gaming competitions on its e-gaming accomplice applications/site for its Landlords where they can play their #1 games like PubG, GTA V, FreeFire, and so on and contingent on the position they score in the game, can win restrictive LOL NFTs like Lords, Lands, Vaults, Swords, weapons, adornments as well as prizes up to $10,000. These e-gaming competitions will happen two times a month.

The Project’s complete NFT assortment size incorporates 3000 Land NFTs and 2000 Lord NFTs out of which LOL is sending off 555 NFTs in the first pre-deal collection.

The Land NFT is a non-fungible, transferrable, scant computerized resource put away in an Ethereum savvy contract. It tends to be gained by spending Ethereum. There are 3 sorts of 1×1 Land on the LOL Metaverse and each Land NFT accompanies a secret Treasure Chest containing uncommon LOL NFTs.

A Land NFT holder can construct, distribute and adapt their custom encounters on the LOL Land and make a universe of their creative mind utilizing the LOL exceptionally fabricated templates.

The Lords are the computer generated simulation prepared symbols, the middle age rulers in the meta time, with qualities or rarities like special powers, devices, and frill. The Lord NFT holders will get beta admittance to the LOL Metaverse and later on will get VIP admittance to LOL music shows and sports events.

The enrollment for the whitelist spots has proactively started and the pre-deal date will be reported soon on their authority Discord server and Twitter channel.

The cost of the Land NFTs will begin from 0.2 ETH and will go till 0.8 ETH and Lord NFT will cost 0.15 ETH each in the pre-sale.

About Lords of the Lands

Lords Of The Lands is a Decentralized metaverse of the cutting edge middle age period managed by its Landlords. The undertaking plans to bring the fate of Entertainment, Music Festivals, Sports and E-gaming together through Blockchain Technology, computer generated reality and Artificial intelligence.

Lords Of The Lands

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