Murder of Crows is a 10,000-piece NFT assortment on the Cardano Blockchain. It is the most current undertaking from famous YouTuber, Crypto Crow, who has 135,000 supporters on the stage. Each NFT portrays a crow’s response to different stages in the digital currency market.

Murder of Crows was made by crypto YouTuber, Crypto Crow.

About Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows sent off in August 2022 on the Cardano blockchain. In the initial 24 hours of send off, more than 20% of the NFTs were sold. However, try not to overreact! At the hour of composing, there are as yet a couple of NFTs left.

The NFT assortment name is equivalent to his long-term Telegram people group. To put it plainly, the tokens will go about as keys to the Crows metaverse and his impending web-based entertainment stage.

Murder of Crows holders will get sufficiently close to confidential regions in his own metaverse. Also, they will get first admittance to the virtual entertainment stage. Possibly, holders could likewise become beta analyzers. This will empower MOC holders to be quick to catch select advantages before the remainder of the world.

It is vital to take note of that Crow makes no commitment of any abundance or prize to those buying Murder of Crows. In any case, he vows to keep up with the local area. Moreover, he vows to incorporate new use cases as they become accessible. In the mean time, he will include the local area in creating new ideas.

Each ‘Murder of Crows’ NFT portrays a crow responding to phases of the crypto market.

Who is Crypto Crow?

Crypto Crow, or Jason Appleton, is a digital currency YouTuber who posts instructive substance on the stage around the subject of cryptographic money, frequently Cardano, to his 135,000 YouTube endorsers, and 44,000 devotees on Twitter.

With experience in the blockchain space beginning around 2017, many look at him as an ‘OG’. He was perhaps the earliest individual on YouTube to put out reliable substance connected with Cardano, in any event, when it wasn’t all that famous.

Why did Crypro Crow send off Murder of Crows?

Many of his supporters said that he ought to send off his own cryptographic money. He didn’t feel that everything will work out just fine, and it would be “just another meme coin”. Notwithstanding, Murder of Crows NFT is an undertaking that he is pleased with launching.

Crow is finishing many endeavors right now. From being a representative with the Metaverse stage, Cornucopias, to buying Mythical and different terrains for likely arrangements. Lastly, fostering another web-based entertainment stage on the Cardano blockchain.

To figure out more about Crypto Crow, the organizer behind Murder of Crows, you can buy into his YouTube channel. Or on the other hand, you can follow him on Twitter.

Make sure to visit the Murder Of Crows website to mint and figure out more data. Additionally, join their Discord to keep awake to date with their most recent news.

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