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Nakamigos backtracks but the damage may already be done. | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

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Nakamigos Backtracks But The Damage May Already Be Done. | Nft Culture | Nft News | Web3 Culture

In a dramatic turn of events, Nakamigos has realigned its strategy in light of significant community feedback. The team behind Nakamigos is now gearing up to release its anticipated Nakamigos Cloaks NFTs, and they’re sweetening the deal for their dedicated base.

Early Access Mint: This will kick off on 9/21/23, running from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET. It’s exclusively for those in the Nakamigos snapshot, taken on 9/19 at the stroke of midnight ET.
Public Mint: Later the same day, at 4:00 p.m. ET, the Public Mint begins. This is open to all, with the minting price set at 0.05 ETH.
Nakamigos Cloaks: These aren’t just any NFTs. The collection boasts 20,000 distinct characters, each carrying global gaming rights and a commercial license. Owners can expect characters ranging from humanoid figures like Warriors and Knights to the mystical wolves, classified under seven diverse clans. Notably, characters from the Darkness Clan are expected to be a rarer sight.

Spotlighting the Change

The buzz started when Nakamigos first unveiled their upcoming Nakamigos Cloaks collection, setting the price point at 0.05 ETH for both the general public and their existing holders. The community was less than thrilled about the perceived lack of appreciation for the current stakeholders, prompting Nakamigos to swiftly reconsider.

To make amends, Nakamigos has now pledged free minting to those who have held onto their Nakamigos. This gesture is not just symbolic; it’s a nod to the power and voice of the NFT community, highlighting the two-way street that exists between creators and their supporters in the blockchain world.

The Nakamigos debacle showcases the critical nature of open communication and respect in the NFT world. It’s a testament to the evolving power dynamics, where communities can influence decisions, ensuring that fairness and value remain at the forefront.

TLDR: Nakamigos, after facing community disapproval for their Nakamigos Cloaks collection pricing, are now offering free minting for existing holders during an early access period. The collection will have 20,000 unique characters, each with gaming and commercial rights.


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