In a recently distributed report, well known examination stage Nansen surveyed the presentation of the NFTs market in the second quarter of the year.

Using its NFT indexes, Nansen found that blue chip NFTs kept an increase in deals volume in June regardless of having a bleak quarter. In the last quarter, there was a huge improvement of NFTs as an area, as a survey of the month to month returning and first-time purchasers of NFTs on ETH uncovered proceeded with development in market members effectively purchasing NFTs.

Blue Chip NFTs took the lead

Noting the effect of macroeconomic elements on the exhibition of the overall digital money market and an underlying decrease in deals volume for most NFT projects, Nansen, in its report, found that toward the finish of the last quarter, all NFT areas separated from Gaming NFTs posted a recuperation.

Taking a sign from its Blue Chip-10 (ETH) record, Nansen expressed that Blue Chip NFTs drove this bob as soon as 5 June.

“Blue Chip-10 index reported an increase of 23.6% at the end of Q2, leading the NFT market. In June alone, the Blue Chip-10 index reported a 17.9% increase in the 30 days.”

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