AUSTIN, Texas, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Web3 stage Curios declared that it has finished and shut its seed round, raising $5,000,000 through Regulation-CF. Knick-knacks brought the whole gather together in six days, showing that the hunger for Web3 is as areas of strength for yet, just for organizations with a real item, foothold, and clear vision.

Curios plans to additional its main goal of carrying NFTs to “the other 90%” of the world by building “Web3 bridges” that incorporate fiat installment entrances, custodial crypto wallets, and then some. Reserves were raised through Republic, a generally utilized value subsidizing platform.

“Most NFT experiences alienate the 90-95% of the world who neither have a crypto wallet nor own cryptocurrencies,” Said Grant Powell, Founder of Curios. “Curios’ vision is that any asset on any blockchain or wallet, in any Metaverse, game or marketplace, can be easily acquired, managed, liquidated or moved without needing to know the intricacies of how the underlying blockchain technologies work.”

Curios will develop its item and designing groups to keep advancing the “Curios Protocol” layer and program based instruments, making it simple for any maker, undertaking, or engineer to fabricate hearty NFT encounters with little to no information on blockchain technology.

Curios’ REST API puts the force of every one of its elements and usefulness under the control of engineers of games, Metaverses, and commercial centers. Presently, these engineers can zero in on building strong encounters without agonizing over blockchain mix, installment settling, or related execution challenges.

Curios early adopters comprise of more than 8,000 enlisted NFT commercial centers, makers, and organizations who have sold over 1 million NFTs to date on their marked stages fueled by Curios.


Curios has been building NFT advancements beginning around 2020, and was authoritatively consolidated in January of 2021. Knick-knacks portrays itself as “feature-forward” and “user-experience-first,” implying that the organization’s main goal is to improve and push the limits of usefulness in the NFT space, all with an emphasis on smoothing out the client’s insight and bringing the obstructions down to section for the typical client (i.e., non-crypto experts).

Curios is a full-stack NFT stage that makes it simple for anybody to mint and sell NFTs. Doodads’ foundation is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that incorporates web devices, backend framework, and a REST API, all deployable on-request. The center innovation highlights of the stage include:

1) Smart agreement production line and NFT printing for Ethereum, Polygon, and more
2) Fiat and digital money installment rails
3) Digital freedoms the executives and secure spilling for unlockable content
4) Custodial and semi-custodial crypto wallets
5) NFT-gated content and occasions (otherwise known as “NFT Ticketing”)
6) NFT participation passes
7) NFT commitment devices like airdrops, whitelists, generative workmanship, packs, and more
8) Marketplace building instruments (like WordPress, Shopify, or Elementor)
9) Robust detailing, examination, and the board tools


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