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Cryptocurrency Regulation Escalates: Australia Targets Kraken Crypto Exchange – CryptoMode

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Cryptocurrency Regulation Escalates: Australia Targets Kraken Crypto Exchange – Cryptomode

Australia is not behind in increasing regulatory scrutiny on cryptocurrency activities globally. Recently, the Kraken crypto exchange has been in the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) crosshairs.

The Dispute at Hand

On September 21, Bit Trade Pty Ltd was spotlighted when ASIC initiated legal proceedings against the firm. The cause for concern? The margin trading product they offer to their users.

This product is a credit facility, enabling clients to acquire and liquidate selected crypto assets on the Kraken exchange platform. Intriguingly, users can avail a credit extension up to five-fold the worth of their collateral assets.

Since its inauguration in October 2021, the margin trading product on Kraken has been utilized by over 1,160 clients. The consequence? A staggering collective loss amounting to roughly $US8.35 million.

According to ASIC, Bit Trade has not adhered to essential design and distribution mandates, pivotal in ensuring that financial products are tailored to the consumer’s requirements and marketed aptly. Central to ASIC’s grievance is the absence of a “target market determination” by the exchange before the product’s unveiling.

Reactions from Kraken Management And Others

Bit Trade, recognized for extending Kraken crypto services to the Australian demographic, now faces potential penalties, prohibitive injunctions, and the looming shadow of legal declarations.

In a statement reinforcing the regulatory body’s stance, ASIC Deputy Chair, Sarah Court, articulated, “This move aims to echo a clear message to the burgeoning crypto sector: stringent product evaluation by ASIC is non-negotiable. The endgame is to safeguard the interests of consumers.”

However, this enforcement hasn’t been met without dissent. Jonathon Miller, Kraken’s regional director in Australia, conveyed his surprise and chagrin at the move. “We were neither anticipating nor prepared for today’s enforcement directive,” he commented. “Our confidence remains unwavering in the product’s alignment with Australian legal norms, and we’re actively seeking more lucidity on this issue.”

This incident underscores the pressing need for clearer regulatory guidelines in the swiftly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. As countries around the globe grapple with integrating crypto into their financial systems, ensuring both innovation and consumer protection remains a challenging balancing act.

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