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Industrial Metaverse: Siemens invests billions

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Industrial Metaverse: Siemens Invests Billions

Siemens plans to invest billions in Europe and the U.S. to create an industrial metaverse hub in Germany.

Siemens plans to invest about one billion Euros in Germany, including about 500 million Euros in a new technology campus in Erlangen. The campus will be the center for technology activities related to the Industrial Metaverse. The investments are part of Siemens AG’s global investment strategy. A total of two billion euros will be invested in Europe, the United States, China and Southeast Asia.

Industrial Metaverse under construction

Although the hype surrounding the virtual, photorealistic, physics-based replication of the real world has died down somewhat, many large corporations are still working on the Industrial Metaverse.

Recently, Microsoft, despite previous job cuts, declared its commitment to the industrial metaverse. The US giant is developing tools for data management, digital twins and collaboration. Its best-known applications and platforms include Teams and Azure, as well as the Hololens 2

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