The lead engineer of ShibaSwap, Shytoshi Kusama reported last week that SHIB: The Metaverse will be helmed by the Hollywood studio ‘The Third Floor‘. The top studio will imagine, plan, and incorporate Shiba Inu Metaverse and drench clients into the forthcoming augmented simulation. Each layer of the Metaverse will contain dazzling visuals that grandstand development and each section will be luxuriously vivid, its blog read.

During a new talk on the SHIB Discord, a Shiba Growth part asked Shytoshi how the Metaverse would look. Shytoshi didn’t burn through much time and immediately answered that SHIB: The Metaverse will look totally unbelievable. He replied in all covers, “UNREAL. That’s how it will look.”

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Another client hopped in requesting that when expect a sneak look of the Metaverse to which Shytoshi answered, “soon, fren.”

However, Shytoshi didn’t uncover exhaustively how “unreal” the forthcoming Metaverse would look and just left it there. Going by the way that The Third Floor studios have worked with Marvel and Disney, there may be truth to Shytoshi’s words that the Metaverse would really be “unreal”.

Read here for a full rundown of motion pictures, TV series, computer games, and plugs that The Third Floor studios have worked on.

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