GodMusician (G.O.M), the biggest music NFT DeFi people group on the planet, began an airdrop occasion in July as an initial step of the undertaking. Simultaneously in excess of 300,000 clients ran to the authority local area. As a NFT DeFi people group, G.O.M is giving its all to assist performers with guaranteeing their freedoms by consolidating the blockchain activity strategy with the past music market. The new pre-deal model overhauls the closeout situation, giving financial backers the option to choose the cost of GMiner NFT. G.O.M will give a valiant effort to make another decentralized monetary model for music finance and a full-chain music exchanging platform.

G.O.M is the top venture device for the music NFT tracks right now, and the colleagues comprise of the best music teachers from worldwide colleges. Likewise, large numbers of their understudies who are artists currently will be the groundwork of our community.

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