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Property & NFT-Value Claims. From Ridiculous to Fantastical. Under Oath…

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Property &Amp; Nft-Value Claims. From Ridiculous To Fantastical. Under Oath...

Listen………I’ve made my peace with Trump’s penchant for the grift.  Sure, I thought that doing it while president should have gotten him into some trouble, but apparently the Domestic Emoluments Clause is now as good as fictitious.

Personally, I especially don’t care how much money the man grifts off his cultists.  No money in the world will keep him from being convicted in several courts of law.  Not even Saudi-level money.  He can pay his second-rate lawyers $100,000/hour, and it won’t make them any more productive or effective.  Or smart……..

More money from his cultists to him, means less of their money to state and local R’s, in 2024 races…..

He may even eventually be indicted for federal wire fraud for duping people into giving to his “defense fund” that never even existed.

And while there’s much in his April, 2023 deposition for the NYAG case to be more concerned about, I thought the NFT valuation part was pure comedy.

I mean, the man did claim that a property he purchased in 1985 for around $10,000,000 (MAL), is now worth $2,250,000,000 (that’s $2.25 BILLION).  While it’s been recently assessed at no more than $27mil.

The “comedy part” to all of this, to me, is that he’s making these claims “from common sense,” during a deposition in a civil case, where he is being accused of inflating property values (to get loans), and deflating the same properties (to pay lower taxes). 

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